Don Lehman
         Doors to My Old Studio                               2014
The Keyboard 2014
  Aging Bouquet 2015
1/60th of a second at 60 mph 2014
 Forsythia     2014
Long Hallway with Doors 2014
             Church at Night,
                                     Frederick, MD                    
            Shot on film, 1990
            Digital copy 2015      
The Bay ay 94th Street, Ocean City, MD 2013
                               Utility Pole, near Snowhill, MD                          2009
    Trees Outside the Office       2014
Museum of American Art, Washington, DC 2012
This work is part of a series of photographs expressing thoughts about various lengths of time, perceptions of time and the effects of time. They are unmanipulated, digital photographs utilizing both short and longer exposures. Exhibited at The Art Center, Ocean City, MD in 2015.