The Five Great Resolves


After the final meeting of the “Council for Global Partnership,” the five years of debate were over. There was still some discord on the local level but all the world leaders had signed the “Five Great Resolves.”

The month of February would be “Celebration of the Resolves Month.” Since February was the month the resolves were signed, it was designated as a world wide time of renewed commitment and celebration. There would be dinners, street parties, and fireworks displays. All people were encouraged to settle disputes without legal assistance. It was recognized that this would be impossible in complex disputes so local teams of lawyers volunteered to mediate. That was the first resolve.

The second resolve was the most contentious within the council and the main reason it took five years of world wide meetings to reach agreements. It was, in the final draft, quite simple. It proclaimed the “End of War”. No longer would any world leaders be permitted to send their young men and women out to kill. All weapons including nuclear would be destroyed and no new weapons would be produced. Soldiers would be retrained to be “Builders and Trainers.” They would respond to natural disasters and build schools and hospitals. They would also work as safety guards and protectors.

The third resolve was the “Human Dignity” proclamation. Homelessness and hunger would no longer be tolerated. All inhabitants of the world would be protected by a baseline of support. No family or individual would be permitted to fall into poverty for any reason. Taxes would be regulated on a world wide bases and the less fortunate would receive help.

The fourth resolve was “World Wide Healthcare.” All sick or unhealthy people would be provided free treatments and care regardless of the cause, even if the injury was self inflicted. Mental health would be treated the same an any physical disease. The only exception would be cosmetic surgeries that were elective and were not required to correct an accidental disfigurement. It was recognized that doctors, nurses and pharmacological researchers had specialized skills that could not be marketed and the Council would oversee their wages and determine pay sufficient to maintain the work force.

The fifth and final resolve was probably the most important and the first to be signed since the entire council realized the impending crisis. It was the resolve to “Save the Planet.” All pollutants would be regulated and systematically eliminated. Scientists world wide would share all the latest discoveries that replaced any pollution producing industry or product. All required resources would be collected and distributed to restore the planet. The resolve guaranteed safe, clean air and water for centuries to come. It was the world citizen’s gift to their children and to the children of their children.

It was February and people were celebrating. There were some complaints about the changes and there were outcries from some of the wealthy who would have a little less, however, most of the wealthy and the skeptical saw the overall benefits of the “Five Great Resolves,” and joined the celebration.

06/26/2017© Don Lehman