A Young Man Goes to the Harlot


Shortly after his nineteenth birthday his father being concerned for his manhood, took him to the home of a woman known for her special skills in carnal ways. She was the “Mistress of Pleasure.” Her specialties were known by their coded names such as, “the rapid piston, the polished handle and the honey suckle vine.”

Arriving at the house, he gave his son simple but specific instructions. In his most solemn voice, he said, “Son, this is an important moment. You have not shown interest in the skills of being with a woman. Perhaps you need an introduction to manly ways. Go to the door of the Mistress of Pleasure and give her this coin. Tell her you have come for your lesson ” He pulled a gold coin from his pocket and placed it in the hand of his innocent son.

The son asked, “but what is the name of the mistress?”

His father answered, “She will tell you her name if she chooses but you do not need a formal introduction. She will know why you have come and will provide her service. You do not ask the name of the woman who sell tomatoes at the market or man who pours your beer at the tavern.” He then remained at the gate and sent his son to the door.

The young man walk to the door and gave three loud raps. The mistress opened the door. The father heard his son say the words as he was instructed and watched him hand the woman the coin. He was then invited into the house and the door was closed.

The father waited by the gate until his son returned after a short time had passed. He asked his son if the lesson was successful. The son thought for a moment then answered, “The mistress gave me much to consider ” The father was confused by the obscurity of the answer.

Early the next morning the son rose before his father and he left his home. At the train station he bought a ticket to a distant city with the gold coin, as the mistress had suggested.

10/12/2017 © Don Lehman