Talking Nonsense


Crossing Alliance at Second Street, I was on my way back to the office after a short lunch, with work on my mind, when I heard my name. I knew it was Frankie before I turned to give a quick wave. He was already heading my way with that stupid, half trot, half skip he uses when excited.

The last person I wanted to deal with today is Frankie with his inane questions and comments. I consider myself a good person and usually take time to chat with Frankie. He asks what I’m doing. He tells me the weather forecast, then asks again what I’m doing and if he can borrow a dollar. After I give him a dollar he starts talking about his imaginary job at a locally owned hardware store where they permit him to sweep the floor. Once I give him an opening, it’s hard to break away.

It’s not going to happen today! He’s still about ten steps away when I pull my cell phone from my pocket and look at the screen a second before putting it to my ear. I start talking, give Frankie a quick nod and walk on up Second Street toward the office. I don’t look back, but continue talking nonsense into my phone.

05/11/2017© Don Lehman