A Memoir
Don Lehman


Chapter 1 1946-1951
Chapter 2 1950-1952
Chapter 3 1952-1957
Chapter 4 1957-1961
Chapter 5 1961-1962
Chapter 6 1962-1966
Chapter 7 1966-1973
Chapter 8 1973-1977
Chapter 9 1977-1983
Chapter 10 1983-1988
Chapter 11 1988-1991
Chapter 12 1991-1996
Chapter 13 1996-2002
Chapter 14 2002-2012
Chapter 15 2012-2014
Chapter 16 2014-2016
Chapter 17 2016

This epilogue may eventually be included in the body of the memoir that was concluded in 2016.

Just after the presidential election in 2016 we were in disbelief. How could a person like Donald Trump actual become the president of the country. We had planned a trip to the southwest and we boarded a plane later that week. Gwendolyn had never seen the Grand Canyon and we wanted to visit Nate and Kathy since they had moved to Bullhead City, Arizona a few years before. In spite of our despair regarding the election outcome we had a good trip. We did Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon and then a few days with Nate and Kathy before flying home. While in in Arizona we made a side trip to Oatman and fed the burrows. Gwendolyn was overcome by the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

We spent time at our house in Lansdowne and enjoyed helping Nicole by spending fun times with the boys. This was Simon’s last year at Lansdowne Friends School and we attended his graduation. He was one of a class of five boys. Each gave an impressive graduation speech. Doris, Gwendolyn and I went with Nicole, Erik and the boys to Pod restaurant to celebrate. In the Fall Simon entered seventh grade at Media Providence Friends school where he would attend through the eighth grade and Toby went back to Lansdowne friends for his final year. When Toby graduated in the spring of 2018 he also gave an impressive speech about courage as he would be facing new experiences in the seventh grade entering a large public school.

Nicole and Erik bought a house in Media, PA late in the year and moved. Toby enjoyed riding the train to school and back home each day. Both boys continue playing soccer and they are both stand out players. We enjoy watching their games. We took the boys to the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art. I created a scavenger hunt for them to find paintings and to help them enjoy the day.

We were in Washington, DC protesting The week after the inauguration in 2017 and protested several more times locally and at huge rallies in DC.